Art Explorer provides creative art lessons and a wide range of quality art materials to accelerate your child’s exploration and experimentation with art. More importantly, the hands-on experience enhances their gross and fine motor skills, unearthing and sharpening hidden creative abilities which in turn increase self-esteem and self-confidence!


Founder/Art Educator

Sarah is an entrepreneur and the founder of Art Explorer. She specialises in teaching art to children since 2008. She believes in introducing children to an array of media for creative exploration through a wide variety of art media such as plaster of paris, textures, cardboard, paper mache, chalk pastels, acrylic paint and so on. She marvels at the natural curiosity and intrigue that children have, and how art is able to stimulate a child’s imagination and even mould their characters. She strongly believes that every child is an unpolished gem and finds joy in bringing out the best in them.